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Father/child or father/mother/child Analysis of relationship

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Paternity Tests

About Paternity Tests

Every paternity establishes a special relationship. This not only means a lifelong emotional bond, but also includes extensive and ongoing legal obligations. As large as the scope of that relationship is, the questions can be just as excruciating if there are any doubts about the paternity. Unlike the mother, as a general rule, the father is naturally often left with his suspicions unless he decides to take a paternity test.

DNA analysis is the most modern and secure method for determining parentage today. Since 1994, the IMMD is on your side with the overall expertise of a prestigious institute for human genetic diagnostics.

What is a paternity test?

The paternity test is a genetic parentage test, with which the genetic characteristics of the child are compared with those of the parents. If a sufficient number of particular genetic markers show a match between child, mother and suspected father, paternity can be assumed with over 99% certainty. If such a match is not present, paternity can be ruled out. How should I interpret that?

Imagine that father and mother each have a chain that only differs in color: the mother’s is red, the father’s green. Now the parents decide to give their child a chain to remind it of its parents. They connect the parts of their two chains to make a new red-green chain.

What does this have to do with our paternity test? Replace the chains figuratively with the chromosomes of the mother (“red”) and the father (“green”). If the child comes from the parents with the red and the green chain, it can only have inherited “red” and “green” chromosomes. Other “colors,” i.e. other chromosomes, cannot appear. So, the paternity test compares the chromosomes of the child with those of the parents. If everything is “red-green” a paternity is established with near certain probability. However, if we find “other color patterns” the paternity of the tested man is excluded for this child.

How does a paternity test work in practice?

After receiving detailed and individual advice from the staff of our institute, you provide saliva samples of the concerned parties. That is, one sample each from the child, from the alleged father and, if possible, from the mother. The test can also be performed exclusively with samples from the child and from the father. However, the inclusion of both parents increases certainty.

The law requires that samples be taken under medical supervision, by a doctor you trust. You can also come directly to us for sampling.

The samples are analyzed with the latest methods and certified procedures in our laboratory, which is appropriately accredited. At this time, according to the current policy of the Genetic Diagnostics Commission (GEKO), at least 16 genetic markers are examined.

About two weeks after submitting the sample, you will receive a report which either excludes paternity with 100 percent certainty or, with a probability bordering on certainty of 99.99 percent, provides proof of paternity.

The paternity test comes in two variants. You may request an expert opinion admissible in court: it must include all three persons and provide evidence that the saliva samples were taken under a doctor’s supervision (“proof of identity” for the samples and possibly copies of identity cards so as to eliminate confusion). The cost is 350.00 EUR including tax. Alternatively, you can request a scientific opinion for up to three persons (alleged father and child and possibly mother) at a price of 180.00 or 200.00 EUR, including tax. In this case, proof can also be determined by the samples from the child and alleged father.

Regarding the technical approach and the validity of the results, the tests do not differ. Both apply the same criteria for certainty.

For both tests, the samples may be taken in our laboratory. In the standard variant, sampling in our laboratory lowers the price from 200.00 to 180.00 EUR. Sampling can also be performed by a doctor of your choice (professional specialization does not matter) or, for example, by the knowledgeable staff at a child welfare or public health office.

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